We now have a Spirit movie teaser trailer!

We have a new teaser trailer out for the upcoming Frank miller Spirit movie. That's the good news. The bad news is that it pretty much sucks as far as teaser trailers go.

Maybe the recent teaser trailer for the Dark Knight movie raised the bar or something, but whatever it is that had me expecting more from this first peek, I was left feeling dissapointed and not just a little embarrassed for Mr. Miller and his shiny new movie. Anyway, before I go on too far, here is the trailer for you to watch below and then keep reading to see if you agree with my opinions on this or not.

Okay, lets start with the music since it is so prominent in this trailer; if you are going to build the mood with music, sure you might want apiece that is instantly catchy or that carries a melodic hook, if you will, but you don't use a piece of music from a well known Hollywood movie (The Untouchables) that carries with it its own associations unless you are going for the parody angle (which they are definitely not doing here). Okay strike one. The next thing is that if you dont have alot of finished film to work with for your trailer then maybe go minimalist or something (like they did with Dark Knight and the voiceover over some simple graphics/special effects) and try to avoid having your footage look choppy or messy. They failed here too in my opinion. The footage shows a lot of motion but it is all dark and messy (and yes, I realize that the film is maybe supposed to have grainy feel or look to it) and felt too ambiguous to me. I did like the crime noir feel to the trailer but I am concerned that it might be a little too much like Sin City for its own sake from what I saw here.

Finally, I feel that this teaser showed us quite a lot of the title character considering just how short it is, but didn't really make a dent on the character of the character. Am I making any sense here? I think I should have amore positive feeling about the heroic potential of the character after a minute, but ... meh, not so much here.

Oh well, nowhere to go but up, right?